Anyone can learn a programming language, Or how he writes code and understands the syntax of the programming language he teaches.

But the real skill is in how you use that language.

What logic can you make with that? What codes are required to build programs using this logic?

Good programming logic is an essential key to being a good developer. Strengthening your logic is a foolproof way to flexibly learn and read different programming languages.


One developer shares his experience:

Project X contains AWS Lambda functionality for inserting documents. This function supports multiple insertions using zip files. And the function was repeatedly showing ‘No disk space’ error because it stores a lot of local zip files. However, The code has only been updated to handle smaller compressed files and not large files. So, The AWS Lambda function failed with the same error within a few days of troubleshooting the issue.

This could have been avoided by looking at the maximum file sizes as a zip file and updating the code accordingly, Rather than just assuming the desired solution.

This shows how the code, And if not incorrect, but with incomplete logic, It results in unwanted errors in the project.

The best way to be a programmer is to write and study great programs written by other people. ~Bill Gates

So we’ve outlined six concepts that we think will greatly improve your programming logic:

1. Programming model:

Programming models act as a blueprint, With it you can follow a predetermined path to creating projects.


2. Data Structures:

Data structures are the basis of all programming languages. If you are well versed in the data structure of programming languages, You can quickly improve your programming logic for that language.


3. Do not reinvent the wheel:

Just start where the others end, There are many ways to solve problems. maybe earlier, Others have solved a problem better and simpler than you. So regularly check out the code others have written to learn from them.


4. Code Refactoring:

There are automated tools available to help you rebuild the code, like phpcpd, But just being careful will help you get farther.


5. Clean Code:

The more clean the code, Say the work you need to do to modify it. Apart from that, Clean code also helps you to improve your logic.


6. Think:

Programming is about problem solving, A good way to deal with big problems is to break them down into small problems. Thus you can focus on each problem in a better way.

Finally, Practice is an essential part of life. We cannot stress enough the importance of practice. This applies to the use of logic in programming as well. Practice certainly makes perfect.